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The Boulle -SEI International Awards have been founded by the Jean Boulle Group and The Spanish Society of Immunology because of their shared vision to acknowledge and support the life changing work of today’s health care and life sciences community.
About the awards
The Awards, which will be presented on the 15th of December 2023 at the Alicante-Winter Immunology Symposium in Health, to recognize globally significant research teams whose work has exceptionally contributed to the understanding of the innate immune response. Research teams that have demonstrated outstanding attention to training and inspirational leadership will be paid special consideration. The winners of the Boulle – SEI awards will be presented with a cash prize. The winners will be chosen by a jury formed of recognized experts appointed by the University of Alicante and the Board of Directors of the SEI. The jury has a balanced composition of men and women and the winners will be chosen based purely on merit.
Francisco Javier De Balmis and Isabel Zendal
The awards have been named after Javier De Balmis and Isabel Zendal to commemorate the Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition that took place between 1803 and 1806. The awards recognize the millions of inhabitants of Spanish America who were vaccinated against smallpox thanks to pioneering Spanish science. Francisco Javier de Balmis could not have completed the expedition without Isabel Zendal and it is precisely for this reason that the selection of candidate teams for the Boulle – SEI Awards has recognized the talent of women scientists, highlighting their leadership in scientific research groups.