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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Spanish Society of Immunology (SEI), the University of Alicante (UA), and the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS), it is with great pleasure that we announce the third international Alicante-Winter Immunology Symposium in Health (A-WISH3), which is taking place on December 14th-15th 2023 in the city of Alicante, Spain. 

The main objective of this symposium is to promote the development and advancement of immunology through innovative therapeutic approaches that target immune-based diseases. The symposium will address the critical role of 1) cellular therapies; including of (CAR)-expressing T cells, NK and macrophages; 2) small-molecule and immune checkpoint inhibitors; and 3) nanotherapy and mRNA vaccines against cancer, infection, autoimmunity and transplantation.

 Following the symposium, we will recognize a research team work that transformed our understanding or treatment of immune based disease with the BOULLE-SEI Awards. These awards honor the Royal Philanthropic Vaccine Expedition led by the surgeon from Alicante, Francisco Javier de Balmis and Isabel Zendal between 1803 and 1806 and are intended to recognize the team behind the work, rather than the individual.  
On behalf of the Executive, Organizing and Scientific Committees my colleague Jordi Ochando and I thank all the participants for joining us and our sponsors for their effort to make this third A-WISH a great scientific international event. 

AWISH3 Miriam Jordi

Jordi Ochando
President, A-WISH 2023 

Miriam Merad
Honorary President, A-WISH 2023